Sunday, June 14, 2009

Flashing Lights, City Nights, Busy Streets...NEW YORK CITY!

Just to warn you before you read, this is going to be a long post! We had a day and a half to cover NYC so I was snapping pictures like a madwoman! The girls and I headed out Friday morning about 7 to the Big Apple. Josh was dead asleep so I just gave him a kiss and told him I loved him, he mumbled back what I THINK might have been that he loved me too and that I could buy whatever I wanted (I actually added that myself but I'd like to think he would say that if he was a little more coherent.)

The drive wasn't far, it takes about 4 hours from here so it wasn't too bad of a drive. Although, being the smart girls that we are, didn't actually drive. There's a big charter bus called DC2NY that took us, it was so nice and so convenient! We stayed in Times Square at the Marriott Marquis- it was so nice! THANKS KELLIE FOR HOOKIN' THAT UP! :)
I've seen cool elevators in my day but these were literally straight out of the Jetson's! They fly so fast. This is a view from our hotel...
On Friday, we got there about 1. We had to walk about 10 blocks to our hotel and here's a few pics that I saw along the way...
Liz, this ones for you. Project Runway!

It was so fun!!! Although I got pretty sick of dodging people all the time and did manage to say a few things to people that I probably shouldn't have but overall it was everything I dreamed it would be.
We saw Radio City Music Hall and the cute LOVE sign that we see everywhere
We walked to Central Park but only managed to walk maybe 50 steps in before we headed back out to see other stuff.
We saw Trump Tower, St. Patrick's Cathedral- which is amazing- I could have a blog just for that with as many pictures as I took!
Here's a video of St. Patricks. It is so beautiful! You may have to watch it with your head tilted, sorry! :)

This is a painting of Mary at her alter that is said to have been painted in 1537.
After the cathedral, we went across the street to Rockefeller Plaza
After Rockefeller, we took the subway to Canal St. in Chinatown which has all the bootleg purses, movies, jewelry, sunglasses, perfume...I could continue. It's honestly like an undercover secret service operation when you want to see a purse! The vendors stand on the corners of streets in sunglasses, hats, in all black clothing and carry in a black plastic bag with only a printed piece of paper that shows what the purses look like. When you want to see it in person, they make a phone call and have their boss bring it to you in a black plastic bag and tell you to not take it out. AND THEN, in their little shops, there are 4 walls...only one isn't a wall at all. Its a secret door to their BASEMENT and its full of purses down there! I'm surprised they don't make you sign your life away to forget what you just saw and to tell no one!

After that little operation, we walked down the street to Little Italy.
After that, we grabbed some dinner at a burger joint and headed back to the hotel. It was a LONG day. Im almost done, I promise!

The next morning we woke up, grabbed some breakfast and ate on Times Square. Literally. They keep one side of the road blocked now so there's tons of people just relaxing in lawn chairs in the street watching all the ads and crazy people.
After breakfast, we headed out to see Lady Liberty!
This is both the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges

That was about the last of the sights for me on that trip. Please excuse the lack of enthusiasm in some parts as I've seem to come home with an unwanted souvenier, a stomach bug. I think. I just don't feel good, thats all I know. Anyway, hope you enjoyed it!

Monday, June 8, 2009

National Portrait Museum and the Holocaust Museum

On Saturday, we headed out to the National Portrait Museum which is in Chinatown (which is hardly Chinatown at all besides the "Made in China" labels on clothes!) The museum was cool for about the 1st hour but I think we preferred to go look in all the shops. So we did. The only thing I found really cool about seeing all these portraits, and I don't know why Im so intrigued by this, but I love seeing what dates these portraits were painted...some from the 1500's and they were all originals of course. Its cool to see the characteristics of the paint after it's been on a canvas for that long. Weird I know. They also had a portrait of Brigham Young.

In the modern art wing of the museum they had a Aztec themed tinfoil exhibit. I heard by another guy that it was a homeless man that did this but the description didn't say anything about it. Also they had several animals that were made in the 1950's out of old bottle caps- the man sure loved his tonic water and coke.

On Sunday everyone rode the metro out to the Holocaust Museum. It was incredible! It obviously was such a somber and heavy atmosphere. I've always been so intrigued by the Holocaust and survival stories, not so much the medical experiments that we're performed on the Jews. I always wondered what was Hitler's reasoning behind this event and one quote that I remember from him was that he believed Jews to be a parasitic race that thrived off of others and he was quoted in 1942 saying "we will regain our health by eliminating the Jews." So after being named Chancellor of Germany, he killed at least 6 million men, women and children. He would tell his army to kill mercilessly and reflect no emotion.

As you enter the museum, they give you a small 3-page booklet of a male/female. Mine was Channa Morgensztern and she was a mother of 5 children who lived outside of Warsaw. Her community was taken over by Nazi's, her son managed to escape to the Far East but her and the rest of her children were deported to the Treblinka concentration camp. It makes it so tough emotionally to put a background to one individual and her family and to read what she had to go through herself and her not knowing what would happen to her family. I didn't find out if she lived or died but maybe if I do a little research, Ill find out. This is "the Tower of Faces." full of pictures that were seized from homes that were invaded by the SS.

There were TONS of shoes from both old and young, hair brushes, eating and kitchen utensils. Inmate uniforms, some were small children sized. It was very sad. For anyone that hasn't read "Night" by Elie Weisel I highly recommend it, he was a survivor and also lost his father to the Holocaust. Its a great book! I also watched Valkyrie with Tom Cruise- it's about an assassination attempt on Hitler. Did you know there were 15 assassination attempts on Hitler, all by his own Reich (army.)

Walking out of the museum, it feels like a million pounds is lifted off of you. My body literally hurt. I can't imagine how the survivors felt walking out of the camps after liberation.

"the world must know." -Brown Little

Friday, June 5, 2009

Jordan Michelle-

Happy Graduation morning mydear!!!

Can you believe the day is finally here? I can't imagine how Mom feels at moments like this and how she manages to contain herself because I'm over here bawling like a baby at 2am.

I am so proud of you and everything you've accomplished, you've become quite a determined woman that's for sure. I have loved seeing you grow-up and watch your confidence rise as you accomplish goals and tackle obstacles almost flawlessly. I remember being in Cosmetology and the day you told me that you wanted to do it too and here it is, years later, licensed by flying colors.

I don't know why this affects me like this but I've always been this way about all of you girls, even Devin and she's the more logical one of us both- but everytime one of you move on to the next phase in your life, I get so excited, so nervous, worried and protective of ya'll only because I know how hard it can be sometimes. I know life is all about growth and success but sometimes I wish I could put ya'll at the top of the mountain myself. Don't let fear scare you, don't let obstacles prevent you, don't let discouragement discourage you. Make sure you always remember to pray, afterall, He knows what's in store for you more than you do and can help when life gets to be overwhelming. You know who you are though and what you're capable of. If an opportunity presents itself and you aren't exactly ready or you miss it all together, don't worry about it, just watch for the next one. They will come and go your entire life. If you have a goal and it seems completely out of reach, well you've already reached it in setting that goal- the next step is to run, run as fast as your legs can carry you and don't stop. Last of all, make sure you guard your heart. You'll know when it's okay to let it go.

I admire you Jordan, I always have. You're 6 years younger than me but you're definatly alot stronger than I am. It's so hard being so far from you girls, I feel like I need to be there still to give ya'll my advice or help you get ready for things or to cheer you on. It's definatly bitter sweet. Just remember, keep your priorities, your priorities. Okay, time to go or you'll be late. I just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you. Now, go show the world what youre made of and I'll always be right here if you ever need me.

I love you-

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oh Georgetown, how I love thee...

For this reason, I am now a cupcake fan! Never really was a "cakey" type person but OH MY...words cannot describe. I got a red velvet, cream cheese frosting and a cute purple heart candy to top it off. I LONG for my next cup-o-cake.

Dev, I'm going to be the next cupcake kid- looks and all!

Shopping there is fabulous as well...Anthropologie, H&M, Steve Madden, Sephora, MAC just to name a few. All store front shops and boutiques in old antique buildings. This picture isn't very good but at least you can get an idea of what it looks like. Pennsylvania Avenue runs straight through here, actually this picture is on Pennsylvania. Such a cute town but unbelievably crowded. was WELL worth it.

Hard Rock, Lincoln, and a Shout Out.

Tash and I met a friend of hers that she taught with back home in Utah who brought her family out for a summer trip. We ate at the Hard Rock and it was DELICIOUS! They were the cutest family, such CUTE kids!

The next door over from the Hard Rock was Ford's Theatre where Lincoln was assassinated.

Right across the street from the Ford's Theatre was the home where Lincoln died. I would have loved to take the tour but there was probably 12 charter buses of high school kids and a line a million miles long. Next time.

SHOUT OUT TO C-to the-ANDACE!!! haha. I love you but this reminded me of all your old MySpace pics. I always thought they were hilarious. Word CDogg.

Who ever came up with these and what was their inspiration? Blinds? I don't know but its a little annoying when your eyelashes poke through the slats and you can't exactly blink. I just loved the patriotism of them. God Bless America.

yay for missing our stop on the metro.

Theeeee SUN will come out TOMORROW, TOMORROW...

WHY on EARTH does it rain so much here! When the sun comes out, the girls come the pool! Monday, Tash and I went to the pool and the sun felt so nice. With Josh being outside all day long he just loves to keep the thermostat down so that I literally shiver myself to exhaustion. So when he's not there to cuddle up next to, I try to go out and warm up as much as I can so that our "icebox" apartment feels decent.

Just documenting our summer! These pool pictures will probably occur more often since the waters starting to warm up and sun is starting to shine brighter. I love Tash to death, we're alot alike so it's always fun to have someone a few doors down that's typically down to do whatever or talk about whatever just like I am. She's a doll. ;)

I thought I used to tan quick...until I saw her tan after the first 3 hours. Tash, you have put me to shame.