Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Thanks for Thanksgiving

Quite frankly, I do not like Thanksgiving very much. Do we really need another reason to gorge ourselves with food?! Honestly!

I've loved spending time with Josh's side of the family this Thanksgiving. They are such warm and loving people. They remind me a lot of my own family. So generous, kind, and welcoming...people I can be myself around without the judgement of who was married into their family. SO grateful for them being such good examples to Josh growing up. Josh is DEFINITELY Grandpa John's grandson, that's for dang sure!

Ive reflected a lot the past few days about my life, events in my life and the people who have been there for me through out my life. I know without a doubt that I would not be who I am today for trials that have built my character, loved ones that have been my strength and example and for the gospel and the knowledge it gives me as to why I need all of these influences to begin with.

I'm thankful for Josh, my amazing husband. His smile lights my heart and his heart lights my smile. He's such a selfless person with so much to offer our family and for that, I am thankful. He's a great strength to me in the gospel, he helps me understand more of what I don't know. His hugs are the epitomy of who he is- strong, warm, and protective. Anything thats important to me, is important to him. I probably take him for granted alot but I really am thankful for you babe, I love you.

Im thankful for my family. Each one has definatly been indivdual examples to me my entire life. They are so supportive and encouraging, loving and welcoming and a great ear to just listen to me talk. We have and will always create great memories and traditions. I love their laughs, there is never NOT a laugh in the house. They are so fun. I love the sense of protection we have for one another, we're as tight as an Italian mafia. ;). I really would be nothing without them.

Im thankful for my health. My heart hurts for those with illnesses and disabilities. It's something I never think about, "what if I was born handicapped or had an illness that affected me through my entire life?" My life would be drastically different, I would have completely different trials, my family would have completely different trials, who knows if I would be able to have a family someday?! Would I have ever met Josh? Contemplating my life in a whole new light sometimes puts things into perspective for me and makes me grateful that I am not in a situation as this. For those who are, I want you to know that you are a GREAT example to me.

I am thankful for the gospel and for the comfort it provides each day. For the ability and knowledge we have to pray and receive inspiration is truly a blessing. I am thankful for the leaders of our church and for their strength and dedication to the Saints across the world and mostly, to the Lord. I love the fact that families can be eternal if we choose so. I love that we have our free agency to prove to ourselves and the Lord, how much we truly desire all of the things He's promised to us. Above all, I'm thankful for Christ's atoning sacrifice for each one of us. I am far from perfect and His love and mercy keep me in His good graces. I am thankful for Him.