Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm quitting the clean-plate club!

Oh, motivation, where have you been?

Not that any of you care, this just needs to be documented for my own personal use...

 Come March, I will look like this!

I have always tried really hard to keep myself in shape but as of this past summer, I have had absolutely no desire to work out. My eating habits have even slipped quite a bit. That's just not like me and I'm not happy with myself in that regard.
So, my thanks go to Thanksgiving for amping up my desire to get back to pre-wedding shape. I also have a cruise in March to look forward to and to use as my deadline.

This is how I plan to achieve this:

-lots of water and VitaminWaters (I love those!)
-more fruit/veggies
-whole wheat breads (no white enriched crap)
-lean meats (chicken, minimal steak, pork loin, turkey)
-less eating out (limit to once a week)
-I'm not going to deprive myself so I'll still have a few sweets but only in moderation
-work out 4-5 times a week for at least 1 hour (I'll make up a work-out schedule)
-prioritize my time- less tv/down time, more studying/reading, going on walks, gym
-take my Flinestones daily (yes, I do still take those- I love them!)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My 25 Thankful's...

25. I am thankful for a warm bed to sleep in...and for those days that I don't have to get out of it. It's VERY rare.
24. I am thankful for warm baths to relieve my tension headaches that I get more often than I'd like.
23. I am thankful for Coca-Cola, the fizzy-burn... feels sooooo good.
22. I am thankful for the blessing of being able to continue my education, though some days I wish the school would burn.
21. I am thankful for snow plows and sand trucks, without them I wouldn't be able to go and get a Coke.
20. I am thankful for seat warmers in the Jeep, nothing like toasty buns!
19. I am thankful for holidays and the opportunity to be with loved ones...and no school.
18. I am thankful for "Black Friday" and the opportunity to shop, though I do more of it than I should. It's like Women's Independence Day...the guys play with their guns and hand over all cash, cards and keys to the women.
17. I am thankful for Facebook, MSNBC is getting to be too dramatic for me.
16. I am thankful for my new coat that Josh is letting me wear before Christmas...because it's 7 degrees outside. Literally.
15. I am thankful for a husband that is such a great cook that I no longer have to cook. I think he prefers it that way. Although, I do admit that I make a mean batch of frosted sugar cookies. Just don't tell him that Betty Crocker helps me.
14. I am thankful for laughing and those who make me laugh. It breaks me from any bad mood I am probably in. 
13. I am thankful for vacations and the ability I have had to travel to fun and BEAUTIFUL places. It makes me feel like a little kid who wants to run and see EVERYTHING before times up!
12. I am thankful for stormy weather during the summer. It gets me a little excited. I am quite the weather nerd.
11. I am thankful for winter who helps me appreciate the sun and warm weather. Speaking of sun, I need some. Bad.
10. I am thankful for my health and the blessing it is for Josh that I am not sick isn't pretty.
9. I am thankful for Leo, my cat whom without, I would be lost.
8. I am thankful for Josh's job and the ability he has to work all summer long and make a really good living for us only to spend endless hours with me in the off-season. It's worth it. He told me.
7. I am thankful for Thanksgiving and opportunity to really reflect on blessings, family and things that are important to me.
6. I am thankful for Candace, the "baby" sister who has such a strong and powerful spirit. You're such a great example to me and those who know you. Everyone loves you but not more than I're priceless to me.
5. I am thankful for Jordan, my younger sister whom I admire greatly! She has such a positive attitude towards life and she sets aside every single personal care and worry for someone else's. She will never be too busy to sit and listen. She has the biggest tender heart that has probably ever existed and will EVER exist. I am thankful for Blaine too, for taking such good care of you and making you...and the rest of us, laugh all the time.
4. I am thankful for Devin, my little sister who has taught me more persistence and determination than anyone could have ever taught me, I still don't know how you do what you do so successfully. And I am thankful for Dallas for loving you and taking such good care of you.
3. I am thankful for my sweet husband who has shown me more patience and unconditional love than I probably deserve. Without him, Leo and I would be lost.
2. I am thankful for such amazing and kind parents who constantly give their all and then some, to raise our family so close-knit. I have learned the true value of hard work, charity and love by their constant example.
1. I am thankful for my Savior and his endless blessings he so generously blesses me with, trust me, there are some days that I don't feel worthy of anything. I can be a straight up b-r-a-t.