Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Platinum Par-TAY!

Yes, I know all the other Platinum wives have posted about this but I felt I shouldn't exclude myself from sharing the festivities, that would just be rude. So last Friday, we headed up to Salt Lake for the Platinum End of the Year party at The Depot. It was such a good venue, it made me miss the old days of Dallas and going to watch all the local bands at the big venues. It was fun. They had a salsa band that was pretty decent- living in Texas, you hear your fair share of salsa/Latin music. I should have taken a picture but kept getting distracted as the opportunity presented itself.

Platinum gave away prizes, crazy good prizes at that! Trips to Brazil and Austrailia. Dirtbikes, 4-wheelers, crazy PHAT watches and tons of cash. I hauled outta that place with a bag full of prizes myself! A bag of FREEBIES. Gotta love a new Platinum wives shirt, flip flops for our cruise in Feb and 3 boxes of Platinum mints from the table. Take what I can get right?! It was so good to see everyone together again- I miss all the girls!

Heres a few quick pics of everyone (well MOST everyone...)

The girls + Ladd= NOT an all wives picture! :)

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  1. Allayna, LOOK how LOOONG your hair is!!! I LOVE IT!! You look so good, lay lay (as always!). Gotta love those freebies! :)