Thursday, August 20, 2009

Past few weeks...

It's been a few weeks since I've blogged...honestly, I shouldn't be blogging right now anyway- we have a whole apartment to pack up and be ready to start our haul back to Utah this weekend.
Since the last blog, both Josh and I had our birthdays! His is Aug 11th and mine is the 16th. My dad's birthday is also the 16th. Its a little bittersweet having always shared a birthday and a cake with dad but now that we're away from Texas, I can share it with my husband. So it's still fun! We didn't do too much though because of Josh's schedule but I made him a stack of birthday french toast complete with powdered sugar and a candle and bought him a pair of shoes that he LOVES and 2 shirts to start his back to school wardrobe. That night we went to dinner and a movie but afterwards we were still too full and it was way late so unfortunatly, he didnt get his birthday cake until the next day. He didnt complain.
For my birthday, it was a Sunday so I got Josh to myself for the day. We ran some errands (which I dont mind, as long as we're together) and ate at my favorite burger place, Five Guys. It was delicious and probably the last time we'll eat it here in DC. Sad. We came home and he made the cutest white round cake covered in colorful sprinkles and sang me happy birthday. It was cute and I love him to death!
Yesterday, I realized most of the wives have left already and I didnt feel like sitting at home so I begged Josh to let me go out with him and sell for the day. I think he thought I was going to complain and want to give up a few hours into the day but I think I could have stuck out even longer than he did. It was fun to watch him do what he does everyday and for his customers to think we're co-workers instead of actually being husband and wife. haha, (little did they know...)
Today, the clocks tickin', getting closer to Saturday! I cant be anymore excited to leave DC. It was fun when we had sights to go see and things to do but after youve done all those things- you realize that youre just in a big city, full of rude people whose only language is their car horns. Its pathetic. Anyway, this was just a quick update. Next time I write, we'll be in Utah!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Platinum Wives Club

Well, this summer has come and gone. We have about 2 weeks left here before we make our trek back to Utah. I'd have to say that this has been a fun summer. I've learned alot, laughed alot, and gotten lost alot but hey, you live and learn as I'd say.

Im really thankful for the other wives here. They are such sweethearts and I have developed such a great bond with all of them. It will be tough to get used to not seeing them everyday but hopefully we can stay in touch often and will be back together again next summer. I hope all of you have a great next couple months before we all are together again for the cruise in February!!! I can't wait...and I know you can't either as we talk about it QUITE OFTEN. haha. I love you girls...

We missed a few of the other girls in this picture...Mariah, Kellie, Laurie, Sam and Sarah.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Chesapeake Bay: Take 2

Well last Sunday we did a little more research on the internet hoping to find a MUCH better beach to lay on as opposed to Kent Island. Alas, SANDY POINT BEACH. Clean sand, no washed up "monsters", and a crabbing area- which was Josh's reason for going.

A few other couples wanted to come so we decided to make a day out it. We headed to a seafood restaurant called Cantler's in Annapolis which was right on the bay. They had extemely fresh crab seeing as how they could basically walk their catch up to the crab boilers themselves. I wasn't too hungry so I got a kids crab cake- it was pretty good but Josh's was...oh my- A MOUND of mussels, oysters and 3 whole crab and an ear of corn. Although, I was quite suprised how much/or little meat you can get from one crab. The guys pretty much hammered the crab to crumbs trying to find all the meat. My one crab cake must have come from 50 crabs!

Here's a group shot of everyone that went that day.

After lunch, we headed to the beach. We found a bait store and Josh bought a crab net and some chicken necks...TASTY! (yuck.) My camera died at this point so all these pictures, I bummed from Sam and Tash. Thanks girls! haha.

Not sure where Josh was in this picture...probably playing with the crab he caught. (Yes, he did catch one. He can now say his summer is complete.)

Speaking of catching crab...look what else we caught. A ball of goo! A jellyfish. None of us girls swam after this.

We, well Zach, caught something else too but I dont think anyone will believe me. Good thing I have a picture for proof! What do you get with boys, seagulls, a slipknot and Doritos?

A SEAGULL KITE! He literally caught a seagull by the ankle. Wait, do birds even have ankles?! Watching this was probably the most entertaining part of our day. Oh wait...

Now, the day is complete. It was such a fun day but we were exhausted and the sun was going down. Time to head home...