Thursday, February 17, 2011


As most of us know, I'm not very athletic or coordinated when it comes to anything athletic but I have become quite the believer in Yoga! I have been taking a Hatha Yoga class on campus this semester, we meet for an hour twice a week and just in the time that school has started, about 7 weeks ago; I have so much more flexibility, I don't get stressed out as easily, I physically feel better, I have toned up a lot and have better posture and I even sleep better at night.
It's a lot easier than some people might think. I thought we had to be super flexible going into that class to be successful but I've learned that these poses are made to improve flexibility even if you don't have any at all. I seriously suggest taking a yoga class whether it's from a gym, school or a yoga studio...I'm not kidding when I say it's probably the best thing since Nutella! (we all know how much I love Nutella.)

Here are a few of my favorite poses:
Downward Facing Dog:
Benefits: Strengthens arms, shoulders, quads; stretches shoulders, chest, hamstrings, calves; keeps spine flexible  
Helps: Fatigue, mental alertness

Any of the Warrior poses- I, II, III or Reversed Warrior

Benefits: Strengthens core, legs, ankles; lengthens spine  
Helps: Poor posture, weak knees, endurance

 Side Plank:

Benefits: Strengthens wrist, abs, legs  
Helps: A scattered mind

Half Moon:
Benefits: Strengthens back, glutes, legs; keeps spine flexible  
Helps: Insecurity
Benefits: Strengthens arms, shoulders, chest, abs, upper back  
Helps: Poor balance, a scattered mind

I found on a whole section dedicated to Yoga with all the benefits, poses, ailments it cures...EVERYTHING! Look it up and give it try!