Saturday, May 22, 2010

Summer 2010- Platinum Protection

As you know, with Josh's company we move to a new city every summer for sales with Platinum Protection. Last year, we lived in Washington D.C. and originally we were supposed to be in Atlanta, Georgia this summer! We were really excited about Georgia peaches, all the Farmer's Markets and especially to meet Paula Deen of whom we love very much! Then on our anniversary weekend, it was late- probably around 10 or 11pm. Josh was told that a very important conference call was to be held that night. I thought that was so weird seeing as how it was a weekend, late night- what are the odds of reaching everyone if this is "so important!" As it turns out, Atlanta was nixed and that our home for this summer is to be...

Houston, Texas!

You could not imagine my excitement!!! I was going back to the Mother Land. Home! We packed up after Josh's last semester exam, drugged up Leo on some Benadryl so he would sleep and started our drive to Texas. Without stopping except for gas, as we usual, we made it in about 23 hours. I love being so close to home again and able to see my family a little more consistently and all of my girl friends! Josh has always loved Texas and loves selling down here. We have decided to do extended season this year which will keep us here until October, hopefully! If things go as planned! I will try to be a little better a blogging this summer and can't wait to see what this summer holds for us! Stay tuned...

Jordan's Wedding- Dallas, Texas- April 10, 2010

I feel SOOOO OLD!!! My little sister, Jordan got married this year! I cannot believe it, I remember playing hair and make up together because she was about the only sister who would let me experiment on! I love her to death, as I do ALL of my sisters. This was definitely bitter-sweet but I know she is SO happy and that Blaine is and will continue to be a great husband to her. He fits into the family to perfectly and Josh and Dad are so excited to have added a little more testosterone in the house. I am so glad Josh and I were able to be there. Here are just a few pictures I took from Facebook. Love you Jordan and Blaine!!!

I LOVE this man! (you too Dev.)

This is the epitome of Candace:
>Not at ALL nice<

We were waiting to be seated at Cheddar's. It was sooo WINDY, we all were a little windblown.

.I Love My Sisters.

Our ONE YEAR Anniversary- April 18, 2010

I'm REALLY trying to get our blog up to date and since then, Josh and I have celebrated our 1st anniversary together! I cannot believe it's been a year since we got married! Time flies when you're having fun!

Josh's grandparents own a really nice condo down in the beautiful St. George, Utah. We left after Josh got out of class on Thursday and drove down to spend a wonderful weekend together, uninterrupted! It was so warm and sunny which was the perfect escape from the snow we've been trapped in 5 months prior!

I didn't take very many pictures and I'm really bummed!!! I didn't even get one of the both of us! Its hard when there is only 2 of us and no one to take our picture. Josh took me to get MY FAV meal ever...Sushi at Benja Thai and Sushi! It was sooo delicious and I totally ate my weight in sushi that's for sure!

We lounged by the pool, went on a drive through the beautiful red cliffs, and Josh cooked me a lot of really good dinners (but that's a daily thing as he is usually our household chef and is QUITE good at it!)

I love him so much and cannot wait for all the adventures we dream of taking. He is my best friend and I am truly blessed!


As of Easter weekend, we have a new addition to our little family. We adopted a Siamese cat named Leo! Josh first saw him when we were browsing around Petsmart just to "look" at all the animals. He then came across what would soon be our first pet together! At first, I was a little reluctant due to how much we travel with Josh's job. I know cats aren't huge fans of being in cars at all! Josh insisted though that everything will be fine and before I knew it, Josh was filling out all the paperwork to take him home.

He is THE MOST cuddly, affectionate cat I have ever seen. He's about 8 years old and LOVES to have his belly rubbed. He has quite the personality! He was rescued from a feral cat colony earlier this year but he is so laid-back that you would never guess! I think he might have been someone's house cat and they probably just bailed on him and left him nowhere to go. I think he realizes that we love him and want him to have a safe home.

I think he gets annoyed by how many pictures I take of him. Haha!

He has NO TEETH and is declawed which is why he never attacks anyone because he can't. It is funny though to play with him and all he can do is gum your hand. He does eat solid food oddly enough, his gums are tough enough to handle it and it helps keep them healthy. He obeys commands and never really Meows at all.

He's waiting for Josh to come home from work, he knows that by the time I start cooking at night that Josh should be walking in the door soon.

He fits in perfectly and is the sweetest thing EVER!