Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beautiful Manti-

This is for the fam also... the beautiful Manti Temple. We live about 5 min down the road. You can see the temple from where we live, lit up at night. It's sooo pretty.

No, I havent fallen off the earth...but thanks for asking!

I know, I mom was about to kill me too if I didn't get this thing updated! Its been about a month since the last update. Since then, we've moved from DC back to Ephraim, getting our little home set up and getting back in a school routine and catching up since we missed the first week. All is well now though. I took a video for the fam so they know where/how were living. I'm a mess in these videos, don't look at me too closely. Hope you enjoy mi familia!

Okay...well my video won't upload. So! I took some pictures. Doesn't do much justice as far as seeing the layout but at least you can see what we've done with the place. :)

Our dining room, as soon as you walk through the front door, to the right.

Laundry Closet
Spare Bedroom/Study

Extra Storage

Now, time for a little r&r...Align CenterWe've had so much fun since being back. The weather is cooler, the trees are changing colors, its a much slower pace here and we have alot more time to spend together. We've been camping, hunting (well Josh has, I just watch), we go on a walk every night...its so nice. Ill post some pictures once the trees really start changing. Can't wait for fall, its my favorite season!