Sunday, October 4, 2009

UEA Weekend...Camping.

Thank heavens for a school holiday! UEA weekend was started Thursday. I still have no clue what UEA means but supposedly it's when the deer hunt season begins. I guess they figure since everyone would rather hunt than go to class, you might as well call off school! Hey...I'm not complaining.

Josh and I left Wednesday after class to meet up with his grandparents and aunt/uncle and their 2 girls for a weekend away deep in the Uinta Mountains. His aunt Trish and Keith have a very nice log cabin up there. 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, a game room, loft area and wrap-around porch. Here's a few pics...I didn't get any of the outside because you obviously can't see it with all the trees. You can barely see it in this picture but the green roof at the bottom is the cabin.
The loft area had 2 more rooms and another bathroom as well as a sitting room with this beautiful view.
The fam playing a few card games.

We had a blast. We had 4-wheelers, all of our fishing poles, Josh had all of his guns and I had my shower at the end of the day. Thats all I ask when camping. A cold front blew through the day we got there and it snowed maybe 2-3 inches by the next day. It was sooo cold but Grandpa John got me all bundled up with several gloves, another heavy coat to layer up with Grandma Bonnie let me use her snow boots. I felt like a typical, unprepared city girl but none the less, we had so much fun.
I had heard there were moose everywhere there. I was dying to see one, thinking I would see one from the window or something. Well as we were about to jump on the 4-wheelers, a baby moose comes mosey'ing over within 15 ft of us. As amazed as I was, I'm pretty sure I said quite a few swear words. I was terrified. I hid behind Josh and closed my eyes thinking that if I can't see him, then he can't see me.....boy was a wrong when he turned to face us. I wanted to run! You never get between a momma moose and her baby and being that this was a baby, mom had to be nearby! Those baby moose have got some LONG legs...poor mom! From the feet to the top of his hump was taller than Josh and he's 6'2!
The views were incredible although don't expect help if your stranded, it's just mountains for MILES and no phone service!
Beautiful scenery!

Josh and Grandpa John shot about 10 Pinehens (chickens that hang out in the pine trees) and about 10 trout from the pond down the mountain.

Us and Grandpa John on the prowl in the pine forest! It was kinda creepy back there because the forest is so never know what's lurking back there!

Josh made me hold a Pinehen after he shot it, despite my smile, I was absolutely disgusted!
After getting frustrated when the fish quit biting, Josh thought, "to hell with fishing poles" and pulled out his gun.
We also saw tons of deer around the back porch, so cute.

This one was the doe.
and these were her fawn...

Here's a quick one of us. It was so nice to get away, thanks Keith and Trish for everything! Can't wait to see you guys at Thanksgiving.


  1. How fun! Their cabins looks so nice! Man, that's crazy to think that it snowed! I can't wait for mine! :) Hope ya'll have a good week. Love you and miss you!!! <3

  2. Ah, I want to go play and see a moose! This looks like fun. Love you!

  3. I'm so jealous that you got to go camping! I really want to go! :) I hope that you had fun. How's school!?