Monday, February 15, 2010


As soon as I got home from work on Friday, I was surprised with this beautiful bouquet of flowers, teddy bear and the sweetest card! His card said "I was the rose above all others" which explains the tall, single red rose.

On Saturday, we headed up to Provo about noon; ate lunch a Carrabba's (Josh's fav!), went for some cruise shopping and spent a lot more than we probably should have, we also went to look at pets at Petsmart (not buying yet, just looking!) and then headed to Happy Sumo for some killer sushi! I really could not have asked for a better day to spend with my hubby...especially since it included shopping. Hehe! He is just so much fun that I love being around him whether it's doing absolutely nothing or running our tedious errands. I love you babe and thank you for being my best friend!


We set sail at midnight Sunday night/Monday morning and will be basking in the sun's rays for an entire week! We don't get a lot of sun here this time of the year- I SOOO NEED IT!

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