Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Joel Osteen

Last Saturday night, 6/26/10, a few of us wives set for some inspiration. We had heard that Joel Osteen was having a Saturday night service at his arena-style Lakewood Church. Growing up in Texas, I had heard a lot about him not to mention he's been on Oprah and on Barbara Walters list of the top 10 most fascinating people. He had to be good, so why not?!

When we got there, we were trying to figure out where we should sit and this usher asked if we wanted to sit up front. So we said sure, thinking we would just be somewhere in the front of MANY sections in the church. She literally walked us to the very front...3rd row, right in front of him to be exact. And then here come all the lights, the band, the clapping...haha. You could definitely tell I was a visitor because I was tired of clapping after the first 10 minutes! It was really entertaining though! I honestly loved the music, especially the lyrics-it was really a great service!

Joel and his wife, Victoria talked a lot about getting rid of people in your life that weigh you down. As harsh as that sounds, it really made sense! Our life is too short to drag others along who try to tear us down along the way. Our lives and circle of friends should include those who will help build you up, help you reach your goals and motivate you when you hit a rough spot. One thing that really has stuck with me is just a simple phrase that is beneficial to all of us in any endeavor we are pursuing- "Today is the Day!" Whether it's obtaining a healthy lifestyle, quitting addictions, stopping any negative self perceptions...anything! Whatever you want to work on, "Today is the day to...(insert goal here.)" I took quite a bit of notes, well quotes really. After the service, our usher who sat us, asked if we wanted to meet Pastor Joel. So we met him after the service at his book signing for his new book that was recently released. I didnt want to buy his book (don't worry, I didnt tell him that) so he signed my journal instead! How cool!


  1. How cute is his sig in your journal! How fun. I love experiencing various worship services. It's really a great opportunity to learn or view things from a different perspective. Very interesting! ....I can't wait to see you next weekend btw! <3 love you.

  2. It really was a good experience too! It kinda changes your perspective of non-members. Non-members are still extremely faithful, welcoming and definitely know how to praise their God! I really enjoyed it!