Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm quitting the clean-plate club!

Oh, motivation, where have you been?

Not that any of you care, this just needs to be documented for my own personal use...

 Come March, I will look like this!

I have always tried really hard to keep myself in shape but as of this past summer, I have had absolutely no desire to work out. My eating habits have even slipped quite a bit. That's just not like me and I'm not happy with myself in that regard.
So, my thanks go to Thanksgiving for amping up my desire to get back to pre-wedding shape. I also have a cruise in March to look forward to and to use as my deadline.

This is how I plan to achieve this:

-lots of water and VitaminWaters (I love those!)
-more fruit/veggies
-whole wheat breads (no white enriched crap)
-lean meats (chicken, minimal steak, pork loin, turkey)
-less eating out (limit to once a week)
-I'm not going to deprive myself so I'll still have a few sweets but only in moderation
-work out 4-5 times a week for at least 1 hour (I'll make up a work-out schedule)
-prioritize my time- less tv/down time, more studying/reading, going on walks, gym
-take my Flinestones daily (yes, I do still take those- I love them!)


  1. hey way to go, i think that sounds great!! jillian michaels the trainer on biggest loser, she suggested that after you eat you should go on a walk or do something instead of just sitting down. she said it gets your metabolism going!! thats what my goal is!!

  2. Allayna! Today at lunch I thought to myself, "can I seriously please be as skinny as Allayna?? You are tiny and so perfect! It was great to see you today! And it helps me get motivated if you think YOU need motivation! :D