Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just a lil' update!

Well we are already in the 3rd week of January and a lot has happened! That could mean one of two things; this is going to be an eventful year or I'm just being lazy and my pretty chill schedule is proving to be a little much...which I don't think it's the second.

Josh and I have started our semester at Weber State and I have to say that it was not what I expected! I expected a little tougher classes, longer days, and professors with sticks up their bums. Little did I know that I would have easier classes- one that does not give tests/finals or quizzes (Anthropology) and another class that we perform meditation and "power naps" (stress management) and then a Hatha yoga class (all with awesome professors!) I also am taking a math and a biology class. Biology might be a challenge only because my professor is from France so she "zounds zike zis!" Its tough when she's talking a thousand miles an hour about homeostasis, epithelial tissues and all aspects of cells. Anyway, I'm not complaining because I'm done with school everyday by 12:30 and 9:30am on Fridays. I'm really enjoying it!

Another thing that I have been working really hard at is exercising, with an emphasis on running. I've always loved to work out but living in Ephraim made me pretty lazy because there was nothing there. We joined an awesome gym here in Ogden that offered unlimited tanning, massage chairs and workouts for $20 a month. I go just about every day for about an hour, and for the first time, have been so consistent. I have seen major results, more so in my endurance. I actually really enjoy running and those words have never escaped these lips before.

We enjoy living here in Ogden with Josh's grandparents. We tried getting our own apartment this semester but because we leave the state for Josh's job every summer, it was hard finding an apartment that offered short-term leases. It has all worked out perfectly though!

Well that's all that has changed here with the exception of a new haircut tomorrow- I'm gonna get back to painting my toes and watching the Golden Globes...why am I such a sucker for fashion and celebs.


  1. School sounds great! I'm glad it's going well! :)

  2. hey good work!! im glad things are going so well and that you are happy!!

  3. Lay lay, I love you; you're so cute! Okay and let me say that that gym is AWESOME. All of that for only 20 bucks?? AMAZING. I too have joined a gym and have been doing pretty well @ it. But I'm jealous of your free unlimited tanning, boo I need my Hawaii! I'm so happy that your semester is so enjoyable. :) Keep it up girl! Love you.