Monday, May 4, 2009

God Bless America!!!

Well, we have finally made it to DC for Platinum sales this summer! What a DRIVE! Let me just paint you a picture- from Dallas to Utah we drove a Uhaul to bring all my things up. The cab of that thing was pretty uncomfortable. No reclining seats, cramped for space and then an ice chest of snacks for the road, when you want cool air it blows a blizzard, it smelled funny and the floor board on the passenger side would get so hot that it would burn my feet. Im actually pretty thankful for that- it was my only source of heat for that entire trip. I felt so bad for Josh, he really didn't want me to drive the Uhaul but he was so determined to drive straight through the night. When he ABSOLUTELY couldn't do it anymore, he finally let me drive but I don't think he dared to close his eyes. Me, driving only lasted about 60 miles before he said to pull over. haha. His excuse, "we both could use a nap." I had slept halfway to that point, I wasnt exactly sleepy at all! Its okay, I thanked him for not letting me drive it longer than that- who knows if we would have ever made here.

The day we got to Utah, he and I unpacked the Uhaul. I again felt so bad for Josh. Halfway through unloading, I just sat down and bawled. I couldn't lift another thing! I couldnt believe how much stuff I had accumulated from having my own place for just a year! He also wouldn't let me forget how much stuff I had. I literally think Heavenly Father picked me up though and gave me more strength than I really had (I think Josh said a prayer so he wouldn't have to do it himself!) We finished unloading, showered, got some sleep and was on the road again to DC. This time in much better driving conditions. Josh's Jeep felt like a luxury compared to that Uhaul, so I was alot less moody. It's actually way nice, I love that car! Our first leg of the trip was from Utah to Kansas City which was where Josh served his mission. We stopped to visit a few of his families that he taught, they were all so sweet! We also stayed at a motel just for a few hours to get a nap and shower and then jumped in the car that night to finish this drive up. We saw beautiful scenery driving through Pennsylvania with all the rolling green farmland and white, old churches in the background. It was a scene from a postcard! We drove into College Park (where we actually live) around 4 the next afternoon. It feels so good to be here! Unfortunatly, it has been cold and rainy since the day we got here and that was over a week ago. Bummer.

This summer is going to be so fun, Im so excited! Unfortunatly Josh has to work alot so when we can, we plan to see alot of different things like the Smithsonians, Holocaust Museum, the National Mall, learning the Metro system (I'm so intimidated by that thing!) but...for the week of being here, I already feel more patriotic!!

In Josh's office, there are quite a few other wives who are so sweet and I love to pal around with- we also plan on doing more sightseeing while the boys are out. I'd have to say that Im really proud of Josh- he's done so well already and its only the first week. He's so motivated and can accomplish anything he puts his mind of the many qualities I admire about him.

So, this is officially the first post after being married and I'd have to say that I couldn't have been blessed with a better man to spend the rest of my life with. Im so excited to see what life has in store for us! Its so fun right now for us to dream about the future and all the "what-if's and "what would you do's" but we have set so many goals and plans in the meantime that we would like to accomplish and even things to learn before we get to those different milestones.

I don't have any of our wedding pics accessible right now but as soon as I do, I will post them. Need to get dinner going! xoxo


  1. Go visit Fabian and Angie if you get lonely... they live in the area. 703-920-2616

  2. What part of KC did he serve. Kurt and I lived there for 5 years in Olathe. We loved it there, really homesick for it :)

  3. hey congrats on getting to DC finally!! i can't belive all that driving, so crazy!!

  4. you are too cuuuuute! are you going to be living in ephraim? if so, you and your husband should go to the football games with me! :)

  5. Allayna, my love! Man I'm so jealous you're on the EAST COAST!! It's so beautiful and so much to do!! Live it up for me! I'm so excited you have a blog now, welcome to the wonderful world of marriage, haha. Love you, have a great day over there!! Give ol' Josh a shout out for me! xoxo <3