Friday, May 8, 2009

Rainy Day Adventures

So being that it has rained consistently for the past 2 weeks, ask me why I don't think to bring an umbrella anywhere I go?! On Tuesday, us wifey's thought we would figure out the Metro (subway system) and head out to DC. It was so fun! I don't know how being several stories underground manages to make you feel so important and apart the the cities rush to get to the next destination but it was quite an adventure! I loved to bet who was going to make it as we watched people running to bail in the doors before they close and those who manage to make it halfway in and squirm their way through the door before it blasts off at 70mph. I am amazed that being 24, and usually can figure things out pretty well on my own- couldn't figure out how to read the Metro maps for the life of me! I noticed tons of kids just jumping off and on and knowing exactly where they wanted to go and how dumb I felt all of a sudden. Anyway, I got over it once we got to the National Mall and seeing how majestic and big everything is....and then it dumps rain. YAY for touristy poncho's!!! This is just a few of us, me, Dresden and Bri...

As we were walking out of the souvenir tent for our ponchos, we noticed cops had blocked off all the roads near the Monument. Weird. But then again we are in D.C.- maybe they route traffic during rush hour. Eh, anyway?! bats out of hell, the CIA, cops, ambulances, and motorcycles cops come flying down the street from as far as the eye could see! All of this is happening right in front of us as I'm fumbling to get my video on my camera going. If only I could tell them to hold on just ONE second and possibly even say "Cheese!" would be nice but unfortunately I manage to miss some of it. I did get the last got last half lets see if I can post it.

It may not look as exciting in this video, probably because I missed half of it, but it really was exciting! After seeing that, we head to Jefferson monument- I can't believe how beautiful all the monuments are. Maybe its just the symbolism of them all and the precision of every inch of a 30+ ft statue. Just by a few quotes that were written on the wall- Jefferson was a very wise and profound man that was definatly led by his faith in God. When I took this video, I was in a little rush but you can pause it to read the quotes if you'd like.

Because of the rain and being so cold- we didn't see much more than that but we'll be back several times throughout the rest of the summer. Ill post more of "Allayna's Adventures" then. We plan on going to the Holocaust Museum on Sunday after church- that will be my favorite sight , I'm sure! I'm so intrigued by the survivor stories and the faith the Jews had at such a completely evil and desperate time in their life. I'll probably bawl like a baby. Until then though..."I bid thee farewell." (attempting the salutations of our forefathers.) :)

(Im such a dork, Ill understand if you never read my posts again...)

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