Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Theeeee SUN will come out TOMORROW, TOMORROW...

WHY on EARTH does it rain so much here! When the sun comes out, the girls come the pool! Monday, Tash and I went to the pool and the sun felt so nice. With Josh being outside all day long he just loves to keep the thermostat down so that I literally shiver myself to exhaustion. So when he's not there to cuddle up next to, I try to go out and warm up as much as I can so that our "icebox" apartment feels decent.

Just documenting our summer! These pool pictures will probably occur more often since the waters starting to warm up and sun is starting to shine brighter. I love Tash to death, we're alot alike so it's always fun to have someone a few doors down that's typically down to do whatever or talk about whatever just like I am. She's a doll. ;)

I thought I used to tan quick...until I saw her tan after the first 3 hours. Tash, you have put me to shame.

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  1. Hip--Hip--Hooray for the SUNSHINE! Your blog is so stinkin' cute! I am so glad that for the next 3 months we can hang out pretty much EVERY day doing lots of "whatever- we -please!" ha Oh what a fabulous life as a Platinum Wife! Oh, and...thanks for the sweet comments! I love you to death too, and I am so happy you are here! There is much more fun times in store!;) p.s...Do you realize I look like a blimp in that last picture...just wondering!? hee hee