Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hard Rock, Lincoln, and a Shout Out.

Tash and I met a friend of hers that she taught with back home in Utah who brought her family out for a summer trip. We ate at the Hard Rock and it was DELICIOUS! They were the cutest family, such CUTE kids!

The next door over from the Hard Rock was Ford's Theatre where Lincoln was assassinated.

Right across the street from the Ford's Theatre was the home where Lincoln died. I would have loved to take the tour but there was probably 12 charter buses of high school kids and a line a million miles long. Next time.

SHOUT OUT TO C-to the-ANDACE!!! haha. I love you but this reminded me of all your old MySpace pics. I always thought they were hilarious. Word CDogg.

Who ever came up with these and what was their inspiration? Blinds? I don't know but its a little annoying when your eyelashes poke through the slats and you can't exactly blink. I just loved the patriotism of them. God Bless America.

yay for missing our stop on the metro.

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  1. HA What a fun day! Thank you so much for coming with me! I had a blast!