Monday, July 20, 2009

"Survivor: Chesapeake Bay"

So yesterday, Josh and I wanted to get out and explore what we haven't seen yet. Not much is left on our list of "must-see's." We packed an ice chest for a picnic and headed out to Chesapeake Bay, Josh was dying to try his hand at crabbing. We got out to Kent Island thinking we would find tons of bait shops so that we could get our crab nets but to our amazement, there wasnt a bait shop within 10 miles of the beach we were on. Very disappointing. Being the clever, won't leave until we kill something kind of man that Josh is- rigged up his own little crustacean catcher. All he needed was a petrified log, string and chicken meat. I know if we were ever stranded on an island, we could pretty much live out the rest of our lives healthy and happy (well, most of us. I would need my lotion and perfumes. Oh and my toothbrush...and a hairbrush. A razor. Oh and I can't forget my pina colada chapstick!)

He didn't catch anything but we know their down there! Were going to try again soon but next time, we're doing it MY way.

We saw some of the most prehistoric "crab" I've ever seen in my life. I've heard of the Horseshoe Crab before but don't think I've ever seen one in person. Holy army-tank of a crab! Most washed up dead on the shore but Josh managed to find a live one and prides himself for giving the crab a second chance at life. They had to weigh at least 10lbs, the shell felt like it was made of metal, and that tail of his is really un-nerving. It had to be twice the size of my head!

I never got in the water because of this but overall, it was a great day! I enjoyed spending a day in the sun with my babe.

Next time, we're not coming home empty handed...

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  1. Holy, that's a crab!? Looks more like a mini godzilla. And you mainlanders need to come visit Hawaii and get yourselves a tan!! (I say that in the most loving manner <3) Looks like fun, are ya'll gonna cook the crab you catch next time? yum! love ya'll!!