Thursday, July 23, 2009

This site is my demon...

So I have been working on figuring this site out STILL but I have officially come to my brick wall. Please don't laugh at me, I'm in need of some serious assistance. I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME, figure out how to add friends' blogs to my page! I've never been so frustrated. I know it has to be really easy because typically that's what happens to me...and then I feel like an idiot. Trust me. If somebody would feel so kind as to enlighten me on how to do this I will be forever thankful.

1 comment:

  1. Ha you're not stupid. Its kinda hard if you have never done it before. First, go to customize on the top right hand of your screen.(after signing in of course) Then,go to "Add a Gadget." Click on "Blog List." Then you will go to the person's page you would like to add, copy the link, and after clicking on "add link" you will paste the link in the box. Make sure you click save before returning to view your blog. Love ya, hope this helps:0)