Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No, I havent fallen off the earth...but thanks for asking!

I know, I mom was about to kill me too if I didn't get this thing updated! Its been about a month since the last update. Since then, we've moved from DC back to Ephraim, getting our little home set up and getting back in a school routine and catching up since we missed the first week. All is well now though. I took a video for the fam so they know where/how were living. I'm a mess in these videos, don't look at me too closely. Hope you enjoy mi familia!

Okay...well my video won't upload. So! I took some pictures. Doesn't do much justice as far as seeing the layout but at least you can see what we've done with the place. :)

Our dining room, as soon as you walk through the front door, to the right.

Laundry Closet
Spare Bedroom/Study

Extra Storage

Now, time for a little r&r...Align CenterWe've had so much fun since being back. The weather is cooler, the trees are changing colors, its a much slower pace here and we have alot more time to spend together. We've been camping, hunting (well Josh has, I just watch), we go on a walk every night...its so nice. Ill post some pictures once the trees really start changing. Can't wait for fall, its my favorite season!

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  1. H-alley-lujah! You have finally posted!!! (ha. you don't have to tell me how creative I am with my vocabulary...I already know!) Your apartment looks so so so cute! I'm glad you are liking it here! I just wish I seen you more...besides waiting for Josh under the bell tower around 11:45 every day to give him his math book! ha ha
    As for the temple...We are so lucky to live as close to the temple as we do! It is gorgeous, and I love that I am able to drive by it every day! Your pics of it are amazing by the way!
    And you gotta love Josh's mask on his face...that's hilarious!!! He does a great Zoolander pose!
    Miss and love you lots! xoxo