Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jordan's Wedding- Dallas, Texas- April 10, 2010

I feel SOOOO OLD!!! My little sister, Jordan got married this year! I cannot believe it, I remember playing hair and make up together because she was about the only sister who would let me experiment on! I love her to death, as I do ALL of my sisters. This was definitely bitter-sweet but I know she is SO happy and that Blaine is and will continue to be a great husband to her. He fits into the family to perfectly and Josh and Dad are so excited to have added a little more testosterone in the house. I am so glad Josh and I were able to be there. Here are just a few pictures I took from Facebook. Love you Jordan and Blaine!!!

I LOVE this man! (you too Dev.)

This is the epitome of Candace:
>Not at ALL nice<

We were waiting to be seated at Cheddar's. It was sooo WINDY, we all were a little windblown.

.I Love My Sisters.

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  1. Ya'lls dresses look adorable!! Lil Jordan is all grown up now! Crazy! Could we please all stop getting older already?? haha. <3 u.