Monday, June 14, 2010

An addendum to my previous post...

So I previously posted about my Top 10 Favorite Things but then realized that my list wasn't quite complete. In fact, my MOST ABSOLUTE favorite thing isn't actually a thing at's my husband.

I decided that I wanted to do a TOP 10 FAVORITES list about him and why I am so in love with him. (in no particular order)

#10- I don't consider myself to be very humorous but I love when I make him laugh. I love his laugh and especially his "crows feet" wrinkles around his eyes when he smiles. It's a trait of a happy person and I never want those to disappear.

#9- I love how selfless he is although it sometimes turns into an argument. Haha! He always wants what I want because he knows it will make me happy. Don't bother asking him what he wants though because he'll just say "Whatever you want babe!" Then I get frustrated...but really, he just wants me to be happy and I appreciate that.

#8- I love his cooking! I've gained a few pounds since we've been married but he seriously is like an undiscovered gourmet chef. He loves to cook, in fact he IS the cook in our family until the summer's come around. He makes real food, none of that boxed or bagged crap. Which I'm so thankful for...I love fresh, healthy food. I feel bad though because during the summer's he loses weight. He always says it's because of all the walking and sweating he does everyday but honestly, I don't think I can make enough food for the boy! My dinners of veggies, salads, chicken, fish, etc doesn't quite work for my little carnivore.

#7- He gets so cuddly when he's sleepy, I love it!

#6- He loves my family. It's as if my parents have been his parents all along, they have such a good relationship. I think he talks to all of my family more than I do! (Sorry Mom and Dad, I'll work on that...)

#5- Most days I don't feel so beautiful. I wake up with my hair all over the place, kinda grumpy and haven't brushed my teeth yet but that never stops him from telling me how beautiful I am. He is so full of compliments and is very thoughtful. There have been a few days though that I've been so gross that I almost think he's full of crap when he tells me. I'm sorry babe but it's okay to be honest, lol! <3

#4- He's just like a big kid! He cannot go to the pool without his goggles. I love it too, he always makes me laugh! Any opportunity he has in the ocean, I have to kiss him "goodbye" before he gets in because I don't see him again until it's time to leave. He loves "exploring" and collecting things he finds! When we got home from the Caribbean, his entire backpack and swimsuit pockets were full of sand, shells and rocks. As mom always said, "check the pockets before putting it in the washer!" I now understand...

#3- Josh is such a hard worker! This job opportunity with Platinum may sound like a good deal with only having to work during the summer but it is probably one of the harder jobs anyone can have! Extremely hot, long days. The only day off is Sunday and mentally, he has to overcome a lot of obstacles each day to be able to achieve his goals. He sets high goals too which shows his amount of motivation to earn the money we need to provide for a family someday. That's his main focus and I completely respect him and adore him for all of his hard work for us.

#2- I give him such a hard time for this and I shouldn't because it's his hobby but he loves to hunt and fish. Don't get me wrong, I love to fish too. I have really had to adjust my perspective on this and it has kind of opened my eyes to another layer of who Josh is. He is just like his grandfather who is prepared for the Apocalypse! If there was war on U.S. ground, he is totally prepared to find shelter in the middle of nowhere and would know how to live off the land and provide for ourselves. I feel safe in knowing that if it really came to that, our family would be perfectly fine!

#1- My number one, FAVORITE THING is that he makes time for "us." We love spending days together whether its a rainy Sunday and laying in bed watching movies all day or going on a little road trip. We have so much fun together and are completely content doing anything or nothing at all.

I couldn't have asked for a better man to spend my life with and can only imagine the adventures we're going to have. I know that no matter where life takes us or how rough it may get, we have each other and that's all we need.

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