Monday, June 14, 2010

"These are a few of my favorite things..."

So as some of you may know, I am a product "junkie..." I LOVE trying new products that come out like new shampoos/conditioners, makeup, lotions, hair stuff; I love it all! I've been trying really hard to get control of this lately but I have yet to figure out my logic as to why I find something that I absolutely love but yet the junkie inside of me says, "Oooh more new stuff, let's try it!" So here, I have compiled a list of my TOP 10 FAVORITES of all time!

#10- Loreal ReFinish Microdermabrasion
(no longer in stores)( least the ones I've checked!)
I did, however, find this on though! It is FANTASTIC! My skin has always been a little sensitive but this is gentle enough and seriously effective in polishing up your skin. It gets rid of discolorations and makes your skin so soft. AND, the moisturizer that comes with it; best I've ever used!! Seriously!

#9-Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo/Conditioner
Dove always makes my hair so soft and it does what it says about "Weightless Volume!" I wake up in the mornings looking like a puff-ball instead of a frizz-ball. Josh even loves how soft his hair gets, I think it's so cute! We love this!

#8- Benefit High Beam Highlighter
I've been using this stuff for a couple years and have NEVER NOT LOVED IT. Especially in the summer when you want a dewy and not a "made-up" look. I hate wearing foundation in the summer; not the best thing for your skin especially in Texas but this just gives you a subtle glow that makes your skin look so fresh and healthy.

#7-Dolce and Gabbana '3' Imperatrice
This is a new scent by D&G and I'm so glad they made it! I was IN LOVE with this scent since the first time I laid my nose on it, haha! I tend to get migraines with most strong perfumes but this one is really fresh and light but strong enough that people can smell it. My husband loves when I wear this perfume!

#6- Got2Be Glued
So originally this was my husbands hairspray that he used everyday. When I ran out of mine, his was all I had...and most days, I cannot go without hairspray! So upon using it, I was literally HOOKED on this stuff! With hair drying, curling and flat-ironing, I tend to get split ends and fly away hairs (which I sweetly call my "baby hairs," lol) But I'm convinced that there is seriously glue in this stuff, my "baby hair's" stay put all day long and even through the night, not kidding!

#5- Aldo Handbags
I LOVE handbags!!! But I sure as hell will not spend tons of money on one. My last few bags that I've bought from here have looked like they were a decent amount of money but I have yet to spend over $50 bucks for one! They are thick, durable leather and have QUITE a variety! Here's my last two bags that I've bought from Aldo that happen to be my favorite bags I've ever owned...

#4- Snuggle Blue Sparkle Fabric Softener
I'm a sucker for crawling into a warm, clean bed that smells of Snuggle! I've been a Snuggle fan since I was a baby, LITERALLY! My mom used to tell me that I would get so excited with the Snuggle bear was on tv...I even had my own stuffed Snuggle bear. I LOVE the smell of clean laundry!

#3- Naturally Victoria's Secret- Honeysuckle and Patchouli
This lotion smells SOOO good! It isn't greasy and leaves your skin so soft! My favorite thing is taking a warm bath and putting this lotion on before crawling into bed. Not only do I have to bathe EVERY SINGLE NIGHT to be able to sleep good, I have to smell good too. It's a slight complex I have, I know...but I'm pretty sure Josh appreciates it. ; )

#2- Biosilk Hair Serum
This is my magic potion. I have naturally wavy, sometimes curly hair (depending on what time of the month it is...weird, I agree.) But by putting this serum in my hair before I blow dry, it works miracles for frizzies. It smells really good too!

#1- Yankee Candle- Spiced Pumpkin
I know this is a seasonal scent but I do happen to love the Fall very much and the Fall wouldn't be the same if my house didn't smell of Spiced Pumpkin. There's just something about it that reminds me of home and gets me excited for cloudy/cool/breezy temperatures, pretty leaves and family time on the holidays.

These are in no particular order because I OBVIOUSLY love every single thing on this list. I thought that just maybe if I ended up with Amnesia or Alzheimer's, this list will make it easy for Josh to pick out gifts in case I don't remember what I like...a little far fetched but Josh's motto for our family is to "always be prepared!" :)


  1. Oh I love this post! I really wanna try that microderm stuff! Hopefully I can find it!

  2. Oh no, you've tempted the ever wanting to emerge materialist in me! Maybe I shouldn't call it the "materialist," but the "girl who is pleased with little things, like the ones you've listed." =) love it!