Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Latest...

It's been a few weeks since I last posted anything but not a whole lot has really happened! This past week I have been SO SICK! I think I caught Bronchitis from my sister and it seemed to hit me HARD! I ran fever for 3 days, body aches like you wouldn't believe and lungs that burned with every breath. It was NOT FUN. Yesterday was the first day that I felt decent and managed to make it to the doctor. He said it should be clearing up because my lungs didn't sound too bad anymore, thankfully! Today I feel great except that I get winded pretty easily and I can't shake this cough for the life of me!

Also, news to post is that we're headed back to Texas this summer! I'm sure everyone already knows but it's still blog worthy because afterall, I'm headed back home! We will be in Lewisville which is about 45 minutes north of my family and I could not be happier. Last year, we we're in Houston which is a 4 hour drive; I did not complain about that one bit because I was at least in the great state of Texas. I'm just happy that I'll be in the metroplex! HALLELUJAH! I love the sight of this skyline...Home Sweet Home.

This last news update is a sad one. On Friday, March 11th; Japan suffered one of the most devastating natural disasters in it's history. A 8.9 magnitude earthquake was recorded in Sendai, Japan and was soon followed by a massive tsunami that just about wiped Japan off the map. As of today, 2 days later, an estimated 10,000 people have been killed. Not to mention that the death toll will still continue to climb through the coming months as rubble and debris get cleaned up. To add to the devastation, they are expecting a few more severe aftershocks as well as several unstable nuclear power plants. It is so sad and my heart goes out to those affected by this tragedy.

Japan, you are in my prayers!


  1. We're gonna miss you guys, but I'm so glad you'll be so close to your fam! Good luck with everything!!

  2. Yahoo for coming HOOOOMMEEEE!!!! SEE YOU THIS SUMMER!!! ;-D