Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What a summer!

I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted! Oh my gosh, I don't even know where to begin. This has been the summer of all summers- so much going on, so many birthdays and 2 big job changes!

To start off with, I got a new job! I've previously been in the mortgage business for several years before Josh and I got married. Due to school and with how often we moved- every 6 months, literally- we have finally settled down here in Dallas...Lewisville specifically. We love it here! Anyway, back to the job. I came across the CEO of my old company who is now the VP of Nationstar Mortgage. He encouraged me to send over a resume and interview with them to see what happens. At first, it seemed as though they didn't care to interview me and when they did, I didn't get much feedback. I kinda got a little deflated but before I knew it- I had calls offering me a great position! I was surprised! They weren't even starting me out in entry level- they put me on a team of 5 out of 1200 people to work one of Nationstar's biggest, most important portfolios they hold! I have loved every minute of it- it's VERY hard work with VERY high expectations but I have had nothing but positive reviews from upper management. Being in the mortgage business is so difficult because their future is basically in your hands! They are trusting in me as their only hope to keep their family from being homeless but it's also very rewarding when you have their complete trust and cooperation.

As for Josh, he's is doing great! He's always so positive and motivated in the goals he sets for himself. He's had quite a few challenges this summer that were out of his control but he has grabbed ahold of those reigns and changed his course a little bit and is getting himself back on track almost effortlessly. Poor thing, we've had record breaking heat this summer which is STILL continuing...going on 60+ days, I think, of 100+ degree temperatures. I admire his dedication to his job and being successful despite how hard these days have been on him. I just love him so much! He also has begun classes again to finish up his last year of school. This year, it will be all online classes through Weber State. It's a little different for him but it works perfectly for our situation.

We both celebrated birthdays this month...well not so much "celebrated" but HAD birthdays this month. I'm 27 and he turned 25. In the life of employed adults- birthdays just take a back seat to the days work schedule. We may sneak away soon for a little weekend/downtown-stay and chill out. We both need it severely! On another note, we plan to start looking for a house here very soon! We are so excited and we're looking at potential cities to live in and what we're looking for in our new home. We can't wait to see whats out there!

As for Leo? Well, he's still Leo. Only cares about getting his treat in the mornings and waiting by the door for us when we get home and of course, cuddling as close as he can to us every night. We both still love him as though he was our son...pathetic, I know, but you pet owners know exactly what I'm talking about.

Other than this, not much has changed. Except for we moved again since we got here in April but thats nothing different. Its only our 6th or 7th move since we've been married. Understand yet why we're so excited to look for a house?? Yeah...

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