Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oh, Happy Day...

I actually have a few things to post about this time! Impressive, eh? First off, I have not publicly congratulated my Mavs on their 2011 NBA Championships! I never have really kept up with any sport or even cared to watch it unless it's basketball...but not JUST basketball; MAVS basketball! This has been such a GREAT season and the playoff series was UNBELIEVABLE! Every single game was sooo close and just when you think the Mavs might not pull it off...don't walk away because they had a thing about coming in the during the last 2-3 minutes nailing every shot, ultimately winning the game! They are such classy players, their heads are in the game and not on money and endorsements, and they back eachother up! Something most teams can't do, especially the Heat! Congrats Coach Carlisle, Dirk, Jet, Kidd, Barea, and everyone else...you make Dallas proud!

On another great note, I finally got a job! A good job! A job that will help us get the kind of home we've been looking for and SOON! It's working for a mortgage company, which is nothing new to me but it's a great company, a company that isn't going anywhere anytime soon. A few people from my old job are even starting jobs there too which is awesome!!! I start on Thursday and of course, Ill have to train for about a week to learn their computer system but I am so excited. Great benefits, great pay and PLENTY of room for growth! Josh and I feel so content with life right now. These past few years have been nothing but stressful with moving every 4-6 months, no stability and very unpredictable when trying to plan for our future. Now it's basically unfolded before us and we couldn't be more pleased with how things have and will turn out.
One last VERY great note...I have been reunited with a childhood favorite called Bahama Bucks. THE BEST SNOWCONES IN THE COUNTRY, with the exception of Hawaii. Ha! Josh is in love...I am in love. They will be seeing us A LOT! And the best part of all, it's only 2 miles away from where we live!!! Should I be worried? Noooo, of course not. Should they be worried?
Yes, absolutely.

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  1. I didn't know you were 2 miles from Bahama Bucks!!!! I think a swim date and Bahama Rama Mama are in our near future. Just say when!