Monday, May 11, 2009

Arlington National Cemetery

Instead of going to the Holocaust Museum, we figured we should see the sights that require being outside while it's still nice weather. We headed to the Arlington National Cemetery. Still a very humbling site! Josh and I could not get over how many headstones there were and how perfectly inline each row was. There are currently over 300,000 burial sites with 6,400 burials each year which is about equal to 28 a day! There are slaves, veterans from pre-civil war days and every American battle since then. It became officially designated as a military cemetery in 1864. It was beautiful with the whitest tombstones and the greenest grass- the landscaping was a perfect backdrop to such a hallowed environment.

We walked to JFK and Jackie Onassis's burial site as well as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers. At the Unknown Soldiers tomb, they change the guard every 30 minutes so we stayed for about an hour and watched it twice. The guards are so precise, almost like a second hand on a clock. It's very moving to see people with such honor and respect for our country that it almost made me feel guilty. Everyone knows that our country and the government has its flaws, some greater than others, but there are 200+ acres of people who died defending it despite personal opinions towards those who led this country. They fought for families, rights, legacies, and freedom. All of which I feel I take for granted most days. It was a very inspirational day. I'm just going to post pictures because I feel my words won't do it justice.

JFK and Jackie O's site.

If you can't read this: "Beneath this stone repose the bones of two thousand one hundred and eleven unknown soldiers gathered after the war from the fields of Bull Run and the route to Rappahannock. Their remains could not be identified. But their names and deaths are recorded in the archives of their country; and it's grateful citizens honor them as their noble army of martyrs. May they rest in peace. -September A.D. 1866"

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier-

This is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier where there's actually 3 unknown soldiers buried. There is a guard at all times and they rotate out every 30 minutes.

Part 1- Changing of the Guard

Part 2- Changing of the Guard

I'm very thankful to our country and those who've fought to provide what we have today.

Love from D.C.-


  1. Mom and I watched the videos. Good to see you and keep up with you guys! We Love You!

    Josh, mom wants you to get a new hat! :)