Thursday, May 14, 2009

Our First Home

This is the Agricultural Research Building...or something like that- (view from our parking garage.) Its really pretty grounds and every freaking building here in DC is colonial style. Kinda cool but not exactly my fav. This is next door to the left of our complex and Ikea is on the right.

This is the inside of our lil' apartment.
View walking in the front door with the kitchen to the left.

The weirdest shaped room ever...

View from our balcony...please excuse the construction. :)

There ya have it...


  1. Man, at least you have an Ikea 10 steps away if you ever get bored, that's awesome! Looks supa cute lay-lay!! <3

  2. We just drove to Frisco an hour away today to get to IKEA. All I have to say is "LLLUUUCCCKY". Thanks for putting up pic of "the summer home". This a great idea. What a great adventure. Our prayers are with you and Josh. We wish him good health and endurance as he works to reach his goals this summer. Love from Texas, Mom and Dad