Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Platinum Wives Club

Well, this summer has come and gone. We have about 2 weeks left here before we make our trek back to Utah. I'd have to say that this has been a fun summer. I've learned alot, laughed alot, and gotten lost alot but hey, you live and learn as I'd say.

Im really thankful for the other wives here. They are such sweethearts and I have developed such a great bond with all of them. It will be tough to get used to not seeing them everyday but hopefully we can stay in touch often and will be back together again next summer. I hope all of you have a great next couple months before we all are together again for the cruise in February!!! I can't wait...and I know you can't either as we talk about it QUITE OFTEN. haha. I love you girls...

We missed a few of the other girls in this picture...Mariah, Kellie, Laurie, Sam and Sarah.

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  1. Alley, you are so sweet! It really has been a GREAT summer! I am SO glad I got to meet you, and I am so that I will be able to see you this fall/winter at school! Love ya girlie!